President’s Letter

So many changes have been happening with the world around us.  We as law enforcement, military and first responders have been under constant scrutiny and attack.  It is important to remember what we wear the uniform and shield for.  Remember our brother and sisterhood and take care of each other because no one else will.  With the dawning of the body cam age and cell phone video recording devices, some people are out there with the specific mission to catch us doing something stupid.  They will provoke us, belittle us, attack us and try anything they can to get a video they can use to make 1 million hits on YouTube.  Now more than ever it is vital we stand as one and stand united against those who wish to do us, and those we love, harm.  Be cognizant of your surroundings and be forever vigilant.  A great friend of mine uses the moniker “Semper Gumby….Forever Flexible”.  Don’t neglect those who care for you and fight side by side with you each and every day.  They are also feeling the pinch of this new wave of criminal mindset that is poisoning our media (as if it needed help in that area) and the minds of many.  Shiny side up, keep you heads on a swivel and always take care of each other.




Patriots of Brotherhood, LEMC