Not your typical MC

The allure of a motorcycle club (MC) is not for everyone.  There are however a group of men and women whom love to ride the open road and support one another, local and national charities, and spread camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts.   This bond is seldom understood by those who do not ride.  The bond is even further scarred by the outlaw motorcycle clubs or 1%’ers, whom take the spirit of the motorcycling community and turn it on its head.

Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs (LEMC) have come around to give law enforcement officers and their like a place to call home.  A group of individuals who share a love for motorcycling and the spirit of giving.  One of these LEMC’s is the Patriots of Brotherhood LEMC (POBLEMC).  They are a non-profit entity created by a group of active and retired police officers, with a purpose of charity.  (  This group breaks the mold of the typical MC and provides a place for men AND women to be a part of the brotherhood.  While women were not allowed to wear a three piece patch, the POBLEMC welcomes them.  Their Vice President/treasurer is a former motor officer from the northeast, and yes, is a woman.  If non club patrons wish to ride with them, they do so, within the ranks.  They don’t send the others to the rear of the club.  They feel if someone wants to ride with them, then they ride with them not beneath them.  This group of LEO’s believes in the rights they have taken an oath to defend.

If you see them out and about, stop and get to know them.  You’ll always be welcome to ride and you’ll be glad you did.

– Pepper, Club President